What would you like to find?

Local students were invited to submit artworks based on the 2021 Book Week theme 'Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds' 

We were impressed with how students interpreted the theme in different ways and enjoyed seeing their use of different mediums to express their ideas.

Allena says “In my world it is full of rainbows


Ava says "I represented my idea through televisions over the time"


This is Ben’s Lego world. He has drawn himself as a Lego man, has a Lego tower and has also drawn himself driving a Lego monster truck. Above the truck is a smoothie machine with all different flavours so you can have smoothies all day.


Denzel says "My favourite book is Harry Potter"


Dimitri might have been inspired by Batman.


Emma's other world includes some pretty scary monsters!


Harper's chocolate and lolly world that never melts.


Jasmine has chosen to draw about good owners as due to lock down more and more people are getting pets and she wants them to be good owners.


Jordan has drawn a super hero world


Lincoln drew a Lolly Land! It has a liquorice road with a cupcake house, a grape and caramel doughnut, lollipop, candy cane, snake lollies, a frog eating fairy floss, a pineapple and a monkey flying on a banana lolly!


Melissa's old world looks like a lovely peaceful place.


Salma shows us a lovely undersea world


Silvana picture of park world is here. She imagined a park where she is with her sister enjoying swinging & playing on the slippery dip.


Xavia said that dragons are from an imaginative other world that he loves. In the middle he has his favourite dragon from 'How to train your dragon' a Toothless.


Monster truck world, a world where everyone travels in monster trucks.


Zain’s world has a Rainbow, Sun, grey and blue cloud, a pigeon, an ice cream cone which has 4 colourful scoops, doughnuts and cookies. It has different kinds of chocolates, and lollies, some cold juices, a pink flower, a brown mushroom, an orange carrot, and a green broccoli