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Submission from Lee.

Camden Airport – 1993 - 1999
I learnt to fly at Camden Airport, which is an excellent location for students as we had access to a control tower and were close to the training area. I was a student of Curtis Aviation and had the privilege of being a student.

The school specialised in tailwheel aircraft flight training, formation flying and aerobatics. With them I achieved my Private Pilot Licence, Commercial Pilot Licence, Formation Rating and an Aerobatic Endorsement allowing me to compete in State and National competitions.

The airport has a long history and supports general aviation and the gliding community. I spent hundreds of hours there every weekend during this time as there was such a feeling of camaraderie.

Camden Airport was a place to learn, meet others and develop long term friendships. Having access to a small airport is becoming a rarity in Australia which is a shame so keeping this airport operational is incredibly important.

I was lucky enough to be a part owner of two aircraft: a Pitts Special S1 and Auster J2 - truly special aircraft.



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